So, here’s hoping that Google &co. are running down these pages…

I realized a while ago that I’ve run into too many intractable issues – except that I keep thinking, “this can’t just be me”.  And there are legions of people out there with blogs, and Google finds on them answers to …well, sometimes those very specific intractable problems.

Thanks to all you out there.  Now: because I’m still working on relatively meaty problems, it’s time to give back.

I’m setting up the Ouch category to highlight things that bit me.  I’m going to try to put out there a post when I run into something that I couldn’t find an answer to but had to figure out myself.

Here’s a stupid one: only because it seems reasonable now but I had to figure this out twice: setting up a new Puppet server (next).

By kmpontech Posted in Ouch

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