Fun in the Cloud – Backing Up – Part 4

Simple Sync to the Cloud

Keeping backup sets in sync

The last part post described my implementation of rsync into Amazon Web Services (AWS), with storage on the Simple Storage Service (S3) and an rsync target server supported by Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

So, that’s it, right?  This can support any sort of data; along with a mirroring function it should be sufficient.  And that would be correct, but we’re not done yet. Continue reading

Fun in the Cloud – Backing Up – Part 3

Backing Up via rsync to the Cloud

Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3)

Ah, an interesting creature, this S3.

If you read the developer’s information for S3, it strikes you as an interesting way to upload and download “objects” of indeterminate size into “buckets”… but it’s not a filesystem like we’re used to.  And you can’t (natively) mount (or attach) it to a host. Continue reading

Fun with the Cloud – Backing Up – Part 1

Most of my professional career has revolved around data.  I’ve been the designated recipient of sad takes from colleagues (and friends and family) of hours of work, lost – either because of hardware or software failure.  And just like anyone who brings work home, I’ve been determined, perhaps far too obsessively, to try to protect myself. Continue reading